Yoga with Darren

Om Mane Padme HumTibetan Mantra
"Om Mani Padme Hum"
in Sanskrit script
Om - Purity
Mani - Compassion
Padme - Wisdom
Hum - Unity

Darren Simonds structures his yoga guidance in way that integrates yoga philosophy with everyday life in the modern world. He does this by combining Buddhist perspective with current trends in psychology. Darren lives in Reading, Berkshire.

Darren is offering Dynamic Flow Yoga sessions.

in Reading

Yoga dates from at least 3000BC, the word "Yoga" being derived from the Sanstkrit word "Yuj" meaning Union. This gives us a clue as to what the philosophy of Yoga is about. The practice of Yoga helps us to reunite opposites such as the mind and body, the feminine and masculine sides of ourselves, and our inner world and the world outside us. Through Yoga practice we seek truth through direct awareness rather than through intellectual thought. Yoga is a way of life which builds wisdom, and understanding.

Our modern lives, epecially in the West, can split our awareness and divide or even repress parts of our personalities. One of the results of this is that we may become wholly immersed in one aspect of life to the exclusion of others. For instance we may become so involved in the world around us that we lose touch with our bodies and our feelings. An ambitious man may become so immersed in his business that he may not realise he is neglecting his health or his friends..

Practising Yoga can help us expand our awareness to include all aspects of our lives, and lets us get in touch again with those parts of our lives we have may lost awareness of. This includes re-uniting our body and mind, our intellect with feeling, or "our head with our hearts". These paragraphs try to summarise Yoga with "head talk", actually practising Yoga helps us to "get the feel" of it. Practising Yoga needs to be a gentle and continuing process, a little at a time, to help us bring our lives back into balance.

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