Yoga with Darren


About Darren

This page outlines how Darren was introduced to Yoga, and his experience with Yoga since then, including his teachers, and the courses he has attended.

I have now been practicing yoga since 1998 and have been teaching classes for twelve years. To me Yoga is a way of living that promotes general, emotional and physical wellbeing. At the age of 19 I was first introduced to Iyenger Yoga when I attended a class with a friend and discovered a sense of calm that was different to anything I had ever experienced. Although at the time my body was not flexible I was quick to realize the benefits of yoga and became hooked. At the age of 22 before finding my first Astanga teacher, I taught myself Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and committed to a six day a week practice. I taught my first group class in 2003 when a class was handed down to me by my teacher.

In 2004 and 2005, I spent two terms at a yoga centre in Crete with Yoga Plus developing Astanga yoga with senior yoga teachers Radha and Pierre. (Renowned teachers John Scott and Liz Lark also trained at Yoga Plus). During my time in Crete I also gained knowledge in Pilates and massage.

Taking my teaching further I have trained with CYS (Classical Yoga School, having taken a 200 hour yoga alliance course) and have gained extensive knowledge of different yoga styles which include, Sivananda, Iyenger and Astanga. CYS training also included Anatomy and Physiology, study of ancient yoga texts and its history, Pranayama, Chakras and Kryas with Mediation. Other aspects included Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Shiatsu, Tai Chi and hands on adjustments with many workshops.

For the past five years I have been teaching Hot Yoga and Hot Flow sequences at Studio42 Reading. I have also been teaching large group classes at Simply Gym at Reading and The club in Mapledurham. I have also have experience of private one on one tuition. My teaching style is to gently lead, encourage and to help students discover their full potential without pressure. All levels are welcomed from beginners to advance, and may proceed with a gradual progression moving through the postures from options 1 to option 4. I offer classical Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flowing sequences and also welcome one on one private sessions.